Congratulations to Interact’s Heroes Award winners. You’re truly incredible. 

In early 2022, Interact introduced a Heroes Initiative – an awards scheme dedicated to rewarding those who consistently go above and beyond.

Interact’s very own Super Heroes have been busy delivering this quarter’s Heroes Awards, recognising the significant contributions of our contact centre teams.

A huge congratulations to all our award winners. It’s amazing to see you get the recognition you deserve, you do an incredible job and truly go above and beyond creating great customer experiences.

We feel it’s important to show our teams that we recognise and appreciate all that they do, and our Heroes Awards are for those that not only outdo performance targets but support colleagues and for being a role model.

We can’t wait to see our Super Heroes take flight again delivering more awards.

Our Super Heroes have taken to the skies again delivering our Q1 Awards.

It’s amazing to see more of our team get the recognition they deserve. Thank you for going above and beyond and creating great customer and employee experiences.

In the words of Batman: “It’s Not Who I Am Underneath, But What I Do That Defines Me.”

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