Digital Interactions

digital messaging

We help you transform communication through digital interactions across channels of choice – web, SMS, app or social media. With this ever-increasing choice of platforms, our knowledge and experience help deliver an effective digital strategy for our customers. From webchat and asynchronous messaging, to lead generation, social listening, bot integration, and AI, our team of digital experts have the skills to cover all your needs.

Accelerating Sales

acquisition & retention

For over 10 years, Interact has been providing innovative solutions that help businesses retain their customers, drive new sales, and maximise cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. We specialise in building and training teams to extract maximum value from every customer Interaction. Using advanced data analytics, state-of-the-art technology and compelling incentive structures we create the ideal sales environment. With Interact, you can trust that your customer engagement strategy is in the capable hands of experienced professionals who are dedicated to driving results and success.

Strengthening Brands

customer service & loyalty

We recognise the vital role that positive customer interactions play in the success of our private and public sector partners. We design and deliver bespoke, highly flexible and scalable customer service solutions. People and their skills are closely matched to each requirement, and we offer the right environment whether that’s onsite, working from home, or hybrid. Our customer service teams are experts in their field – they are passionate about providing personalised conversations that focus on first-contact resolution.

Award-winning Partnerships

Best in Class


At Interact, we believe technology plays a vital role in providing great CX. Using technology such as AI, machine learning and omnichannel solutions can maximise customer satisfaction and first step resolution. That’s why we use over twenty of the latest technologies to underpin our contact centre services – helping us to drive efficiency and move quickly on new projects whilst maintaining our first-class delivery and insight.

Quality Solutions

quality & compliance

We provide a service that adheres to regulations and standards of excellence. Interact has achieved certification and undergoes annual independent audits for ISO27001:2013, Cyber Essentials Plus, and PCI-DSS demonstrating our commitment to meeting industry standards for security and data protection.

In addition, we have obtained authorisation and operate under oversight from the Financial Conduct Authority. This ensures we abide by the regulatory guidelines for providing financial services. Compliance and quality are top priorities for us as they are crucial elements in the functioning of our contact centre.