Interact has launched Carer Passports and Carer Champions to help identify, recognise and support carers. 

At Interact, we’re always looking for new ways to support our team with their health and wellbeing.

1 in 7 people are now juggling work with caring for someone who is older, ill or disabled. Our aim is to identify carers in the workplace and direct employees to sources of internal and external support, whilst providing practical and flexible ways to support people with their carer duties.

Top of the list of carers’ needs is often information and advice on how to get help with their caring role. That’s why we’ve introduced a Carer Passport and Carer Champions!

Our Carer Passport helps carers to be identified, recognised and supported as part of their day-to-day working life. We see it as an important tool for conversation, increasing identification and support for carers, raising awareness of caring and helping our carers feel valued. They also provide a short-cut so carers don’t have to repeatedly explain themselves.

Our Carer Champions have participated in the council’s carer awareness training, and act as key contacts to provide help and offer practical advice. They also have access to a wealth of resources, helping signpost our carers to the most relevant internal and external support available.

Over the next few months, we’re excited to be working in conjunction with the council supporting other businesses to implement similar carer schemes.