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Almost overnight, organisations woke up to a new reality. Hundreds, if not thousands, of employees needed to work from home. Any existing plans to do so were turned upside down and even in the best of cases timescales were tight. So many things to consider in such a short period of time; security both cyber and physical, risks that had never needed to be assessed at scale.

Now the dust has settled and many of the measures put into place are being worked into BAU, how has this changed us?

Here at Interact, a leading CX outsourcer, we’ve seen first-hand how businesses and contact centres have reacted to the growing threats facing our new way of working.

Cyber security is paramount. During the course of the pandemic we looked to provide assurance to our clients that our new approach was leading the way in its security, so we became Cyber Essentials+ certified, a scheme backed by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre.

As more and more businesses have been forced to re-think their engagement strategies, go digital and automate operations to survive in the current climate, cyber security & IT capabilities have become essential. Like many other businesses, we’ve ensured our services remain scalable and secure to adapt to the changing needs of our clients.

So post-pandemic, how do businesses view IT & security? We believe the perception of these has changed forever, and businesses are seeking out the abundance of new technology to secure and improve their new way of working.