At Interact, we believe technology plays a pivotal role in providing great CX. Using technology such as AI, machine learning and omni-channel solutions can maximise customer satisfaction and first step resolution if it’s used correctly.

These technologies are also used to drive efficiency within Interact, which allows us to move quickly on new projects whilst maintaining our first-class delivery. Here, Daniel Fay – Interact’s Head of IT, provides 5 top tips to getting technology right for your customers:

  1. Choose the right tool for the job: This may sound simple, but time and again we’ve seen organisations invest hundreds of thousands of £s in technology that doesn’t suit their needs. Spend time up-front to make sure your technology will work for your business: run trials, focus groups and leverage vendors to help you make the right choice.
  2. Understand the product: There’s no point investing money in technology, if you’re not going to invest money in the right training for your team and it’s critical to make sure that knowledge is shared across the organisation. Training shouldn’t also be a one-off exercise for a limited few, pick champions and have them lead internal training groups. If possible, engage with consultants to identify use-cases that weren’t discovered internally and strengthen existing ones.
  3. Pick adaptable solutions: You can be stuck with out-of-date technology quickly, which can be hugely expensive to make changes to. Choose technology that can be maintained and adapted quickly, without having large outlays. Where possible, develop internal resource that can complete some of the work typically passed onto 3rd party providers. If engaging with a provider for the first time, ask for their development roadmap, you might find something on the horizon that you were planning on investing in elsewhere.
  4. Don’t be afraid to have redundancy in your designs: It’s key to make sure you’re not fully reliant on one technology for the job or working to 100% capacity of your platforms. Business continuity is no joke, the stressors we’ve seen over the last two years have made it an even more important part of BAU, so make sure it’s part of your strategy to invest in contingencies and redundancy where appropriate.
  5. Know what works for your customers and business: A lot of people forget what’s important, which is customer feedback and whether it works for them too. Is your technology working for your customers, as well as your business? This can be a costly one to get wrong!

It’s probably not surprising to hear that Interact uses over 20 of the latest technologies to underpin its offering to clients and their contact centres. Technology is at the heart of what we do, and we know it makes the difference in being able to provide customers and clients with world leading CX.

If you have a question for Daniel, or would like to learn more about Interact, get in touch.