Interact is proud to announce that it has become an Employee-Owned Trust. Becoming the first Employee-Owned Contact Centre Outsourcer. 

Establishing an Employee Ownership Trust will allow its dedicated team members to directly share in the company’s success. This structure upholds Interact’s entrepreneurial origins and commitment to its people-focused, customer-centric culture. 

Interact was established in 2011 and has grown year-on-year to become one of the UK’s leading independent contact centre outsourcers. It partners with many of the biggest brands to deliver customer service, sales and retentions across both voice and digital. It now employs almost 1,000 people across two UK sites in Wigan and Richmond Upon Thames, as well as its homeworking team.   

“Making sure the Interact team are rewarded for their loyalty and hard work is hugely important, as is future-proofing the business for the long-term. Interact has been named ‘Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year’ twice this year due to our focus on people and customer experiences. The move to Employee Ownership will ensure this focus remains, allowing our employees and clients to remain Interact’s No. 1 priority,” said Neil Perring, Chairman, Interact. 

Neil Barber, Interact’s CEO, said: “One of the objectives for the move to an Employee Ownership Trust is to strengthen the relationship between the success of the business and the rewards our employees receive. Running contact centres is a people-focused business. Having a well-motivated team is critically important in delivering high standards of service. Every member of our team now has a real stake in the success of our business. This is the start of a new and exciting journey.” 

About Interact

Interact is a multi-award-winning UK customer experience outsourcer, offering digital messaging & chat, sales, retentions, customer service and loyalty programmes. Since its inception in 2011, it has partnered with many of the leading brands to deliver exceptional customer service and powerful sales channels. The Company has UK contact centres in Wigan and Richmond Upon Thames.

Additional Information:

The government have been encouraging the creation of Employee Ownership Trusts since being created in 2014 with tax advantages for both employees and company owners. The aim is to facilitate wider employee ownership via an indirect holding to encourage employee engagement and participation in the upside of future success.

It is believed that at the time Interact’s Employee-Owned Trust was established, it is the first company in its sector to become owned by employees in the UK.

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