Supporting our team with physical, financial, and mental wellbeing support is extremely important to us.

From mini health checks, the promotion of free fitness memberships and fresh lunch options – we look to support our team whenever we can. This has led to several of our team pledging to improve their overall health and the creation of an Interact Walking Club – spearheaded by Team Manager Stue:

“Walking and surrounding myself in nature has been a very cathartic process. It has been key in helping me get through some very challenging times in my life, it opened up a whole new way of how I view life and how I appreciate and acknowledge the beauty that surrounds us, and I would like to share my experiences. It’s like therapy, but free…”

Walks have been so successful they are now run monthly, with visits to Pendle Sculpture Trail, Mow Cop, Three Shires Head and Ingleton Waterfalls.

There will be more to come from Interact’s Walking Club over the coming months. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!