Interact is delighted to announce that it has renewed its ‘Deal for Business’ Accreditation with Wigan Council.

Interact’s team have been busy helping to clean up the local area. As part of our renewed Deal for Business Silver Accreditation with Wigan Council, we are proudly committed to helping create a sustainable and successful community, which promotes opportunity, growth and innovation.

Deal for Business is a voluntary agreement between the Council and Interact, which signifies a shared commitment to supporting the economic growth of the borough. As part of our commitment the Interact team regularly undertake activities that have both a positive impact on the community as well as the environment, as we strive to work with the wider community to make the environment ‘greener’ and more sustainable for the future.

We also work together to focus on positive initiatives for our team. Watch out for more about The Deal for Business activities, including Interact’s upcoming Wellness Month in June.

About Deal for Business

In early 2021, a Business Consortium of local businesses was formed to focus on the borough’s long-term recovery, post COVID-19. They looked at how the borough’s economy can adapt to new circumstances through the themes of Community Wealth Building.

Wigan Council has worked alongside the Business Consortium to refresh the Deal for Business so that it continues to meet business needs and is accessible to all those trading in the borough. This refreshed deal encourages collaboration, identifies local supply chain opportunities, and celebrates your achievements and successes.

This revamped deal was only made possible by the collaboration and commitment of local businesses.

To find out more, please go to the Wigan Council website.

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