Interact’s ARISE graduates launch The Collective – a new way for our people to communicate their views.

At Interact, we’re thrilled to launch The Collective. A new way for our people to communicate their views and influence matters that affect them at work, and the brain child of some of our hugely talented ARISE development graduates.

The Collective is a team dedicated to building trust, productivity and organisational improvement. A team focused on what we can do more as a business to help our people, and in turn implement the changes that our people want to see.

We want every member of our team to feel valued, to feel happy in their workplace and to openly express their feelings of what changes they’d like to see. In turn, we’d also like our people to see these changes happen. Employee voice is not only powerful but incredibly important.

We’re proud that our ARISE development programme is not only supporting our teams with self-development, but providing the opportunity to create schemes such as The Collective – helping us to make even more positive changes right at the heart of our business.

We can’t wait to share more from The Collective soon.