Interact launches AI tool in conjunction with partner C-Centric, PrediCX, which will enhance our Digital Chat/Messaging solution for clients.

At Interact, we have always been confident in our ability to manage the performance and delivery of our Digital teams. With the help of PrediCX, we can now unlock deeper insights into the Digital customer journey, which were previously difficult or costly to access. These insights often reveal intangible aspects of the customer experience, adding a new layer of value and richness to our feedback.

What is PrediCX?

Using AI PrediCX provides near-real-time reporting of Digital interactions, empowering our clients’ Digital teams with the type of analysis they need to make a difference in customer journeys. This tool allows us to predict and adjust Digital journeys and Chat interactions, whether it’s identifying drivers of demand or addressing negative customer experiences. Our agile and easy-to-use reporting provides actionable knowledge that can help drive real change for our clients.

Adding Value

We believe that PrediCX will quickly become an invaluable tool for both Interact and our clients, providing a level of insightful reporting beyond commercial performance metrics.

If you’d like a demo, or to learn more about how to create a superior customer experience through Digital interactions, chat to us now.