Gender Pay Gap Report


​Diversity and inclusion is integral to Interact’s organisational culture and success. It helps to underpin our vision, values and goals enabling us to be an inspiring place to work and to provide fantastic opportunities to all our employees. ​

​Gender Pay Gap legislation requires an employer with 250 employees or more to publish its gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is an equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men. ​

​The requirement presents an opportunity for Interact Contact Centres to further scrutinise its staff profile and to continue strategic action to address inequalities, if they exist. A gender pay gap report must include:​

  • the mean gap in pay​
  • the median gap in pay​
  • the distribution of gender by pay quartile​
  • the percentage of employees receiving bonuses and the gender gap on bonuses ​

The regulations state that the gender pay gap shows the difference between the average earnings of men and women (excluding overtime). This is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings

To view our most recent Report, click here: Gender Pay Gap Report 2022.